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Method of Construction

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  • Cerafix
  • DryFixⅠ Improved Pressure Method
  • DryFixⅠ Pressure Method
  • DryFixⅠ (Improved Fast Hardening)
  • DryFixⅡ
  • Morgreen
  • Interior Grout
  • Morgreen For Heating
  • Sssangkom Putty
  • Exterior Grout
  • Cera Epoxy
  • Stone Epoxy
  • MC Mortar


  • 1단계Prepare Cerafix and construction tools.
    1. Prepare the adhesive and construction tools before laying tiles. 
    2. Clean the base surface.
  • 2단계Apply adhesive.
    1. Remove dust and waste on base surface before applying the adhesive.
    2. Optimal temperature of base surface is 5~25℃.
    3. Check smoothness (±1mm/2m) and condition of mortar surface to repair any damages, if needed.  Cure repaired surfaces sufficiently before applying the adhesive.
    4. Thickness of plaster board should be at least 12mm, and for calcium silicate board, its specific gravity should be at least 1.0 and thickness at least 6mm.
  • 3단계Trowel work
    1. Apply Cerafix and make about 7-10mm rumble.
    2. Adjust the height of rumble according the condition of background and size of tiles.
    3. Apply the adhesive onto an area that can be covered within open time (2㎡). 
    4. After applying the adhesive, use trowel to create rumble at a 45-degree angle.
  • 4단계Lay tiles
    1. Apply tiles before the surface hardens (within approx. 20 minutes): Adhesion improves when tiles are laid as quickly as possible.
    2. Adhesion time varies according to temperature and humidity, so determine adhesion time by laying tiles and checking if the adhesive spreads to more than 70% of the surface of tile.
    3. Apply large-sized tiles or heavy tiles from bottom up.
  • 5단계Use rubber hammer.
    When applying tiles, press and twist each tile and gently tapping with rubber hammer so that the tile attaches to the board.
  • 6단계Tile work
    1. Clean the surface of tiles before Cerafix hardens.
    2. Apply elastic grout along the edges (apply grout 4-5 days after laying tiles).
    3. Clean before grout hardens.