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Healthy Building Material Certification

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Eco-friendly Building Material Quality Certification System (HB)

Chemical material emission of local building material producers or products is assessed and certified to encourage them to implement autonomous quality control and contribute to improved quality of products.

Eco-friendly Mark System

Eco-friendly Mark System awards eco-friendly mark to products that causes relatively less contamination or save resources in production and consumption to provide consumers with accurate environmental information regarding each product and encourage companies to develop and produce eco-friendly products that satisfy consumer preferences.

Initiated in Germany in 1979, this System has been successfully adopted by about 40 countries in the EU and Northern Europe and including Canada, USA, and Japan. Korea has been implementing it since April 1992.

Eco-friendly Mark System aims to provide accurate environmental resources to consumers so that companies and consumers can produce and consume eco-friendly products. Through this system consumers are encouraged to participate in environmental preservation activities and companies are encouraged to develop and produce eco-friendly products and technologies that satisfy consumers’ desire to purchase eco-friendly products for sustainable production and consumption.

Asbestos-free Certification System

This is a comprehensive service that involves formality testing of ingredients and finished goods, Manufacture Process Inspection [Inventory] Management, and Supplier Chain Management. Ingredients and parts in products are tested and inspected to assess whether they include any of the six major asbestos that can be harmful to human body and issue certificate after verifying that goods are not exposed to asbestos through Supplier Chain Management.