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Eco-friendly Management Policies

"Customers' dream - the future that we pursue" - Ssangkom will create.

“SSANGKOM, valuing nature and people, is concentrating its capacities on developing and producing eco-friendly products.”

Every product of SSANGKOM is safe and contains no harmful materials that cause sick house syndrome. They are completely free of the Eight Heavy Metals, including antimony and arsenic, and other harmful contaminants.
Also, SSANGKOM is an eco-friendly company that works for the nature and the people and has acquired the first highest grade (HB♣♣♣♣♣) HB Mark for Cerafix, SSANGKOM Putty, Dry Fix, Heating Morgreen, and Carpentry Adhesives for the first time in the industry.


ECODREAM is the combination of “ECO and DREAM” and represents SSANGKOM’s determination to realize the dream of eco-friendliness for the coexistence of the people and the environment.