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"Customers' dream - the future that we pursue" - Ssangkom will create.
  • Tile cement
  • Interior grout
  • Exterior grout
  • Resin plastering
  • Special mortar

Interior grout

  • Ssangkom White CementⅠ/Ⅱ(for interior)
    White cement for interior grout
  • HomementⅠ(Tile Grout in Small Package)
    Water resistant anti-fungal white cement for the interior
  • Homement (For Sanitary Ceramic)
    Water-resistant antibacterial interior white cement for sanitary ceramic
  • Color HomementⅡ/Ⅲ
    High quality water resistant anti-fungal grout
  • Ssangkom Elastic Grout
    Elastic color grout
  • High-Performance Color Homement

    High-quality grout with low whitening

  • High-Performance Elastic Color Grout

    High-quality elastic grout with low whitening